Русский язык для иностранцев

Быстро! Качественно! Эффективно!

Russian for Non-Russian Speakers

Learn Russian with native speakers!

We offer our Russian Language Courses for non-Russian speakers who want to improve their competence in Russian language or who want to start learning Russian from scratch.

The communicative method we use will teach you such language skills as speaking and listening comprehension as well as reading and writing.

Of course, we will also teach you Russian grammar! Some people think that Russian grammar is difficult to understand. We promise you to make your understanding of Russian grammar easy and fun!

The levels we teach: A1-B1

Key features of the method we use:

Communicative approach

Practical vocabulary

Natural, contemporary Russian

Numerous communication, grammar and vocabulary exercises

You can come to learn Russian straight to one of our schools as well as we can arrange Skype lessons for you.

We can adjust to the time and day which is convenient for your Russian lessons.

You will enjoy learning Russian! Welcome to study Russian with English House!

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